Hellenic Grocer

Hellenic Grocer, LLC

The Mission of Hellenic Grocer, LLC is to offer the rich taste of real Greek food to the American consumer, who is interested in fine, culinary experiences.

Hellenic Grocer, LLC is a Connecticut Company, importer and distributor of high quality Greek foods produced by manufacturers, with a long history in food production. Our products are manufactured according to the rich Greek tradition of healthy eating and Mediterranean diet.

Working with Chef Loi, Hellenic Grocer developed the Loi Pasta™ products and is managing manufacturing in Greece. Loi Pasta is produced by Helios Pasta Company, one of the oldest conglomerates in the Greek cereal industry with 125 yeas of tradition in milling cereals and 80 years in pasta manufacturing. The vertically integrated facilities assure a high level of quality control in all steps of Loi Pasta manufacturing, by:

  • selecting and processing the best durum wheat from Greek farmers
  • milling and producing the highest quality, 100% durum wheat semolina
  • manufacturing Loi Pasta by adhering to well tried, traditional Greek recipes.
  • utilizing fully recyclable packaging
  • carrying Kosher and Non-GMO certifications

Manufacturing is adhering to the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. The Helios facilities are regularly inspected by the FDA.

Loi Pasta® is a registred tradmark, property of LOI-HG TRADEMARK HOLDINGS COMPANY, LLC.