Chef Loi

Chef Maria Loi, the International Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy, has built her reputation in the U.S. as the authority on authentic Greek cuisine and ingredients. Often referred to as the "Martha Stewart of Greece," Chef Loi is the author of more than 36 cookbooks and 150 magazine articles. Her book, Ancient Dining, was the official cookbook of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. In March 2012, Chef Loi was invited to the White House, where she cooked for President Obama, Vice President Biden, and 250 honored guests.

When Chef Loi chooses ingredients and creates recipes, she considers the ancient grains and flavors that continue to flourish millenniums later. These ingredients, as respected as the great Greek minds of Plato, Socrates and Hippocrates, are the pillars of a healthy, tasty Mediterranean diet: olive oil, Greek yogurt, grains, pasta, beans, and freshly picked greens. Chef Loi's food is about truth in flavor. Hers is a philosophy derived from the warm, scented Greek air and the sounds of loved ones around the table.

In Greek, there is a term called "Philotimo." Though hard to define in English, it means to do things with a sense of pride, love, and respect of oneself, one's family, and one's people.

Chef Loi embodies this concept of Philotimo in all that she does. Her brand, Loi Pasta, is manufactured according to this principle, with traditional ingredients and recipes used in Greece for hundreds of years.

Ancient Greeks ate for pleasure, regularly enjoying wine and rich ingredients like olive oil and honey with their legendary feasts.

Today, centuries later, studies prove that the Mediterranean diet, with its trademark staples like wine, yogurt, and coffee, is the healthiest food plan in the world. Research shows that it is especially noted for reducing the risk of diabetes, improving heart health, and sharpening the mind with foods rich in omega-3's.

Structured around the twelve Pillar Foods of the Mediterranean diet, The Greek Diet offers one hundred authentic, mouthwatering Greek recipes using whole foods and unprocessed ingredients. More than just a weight-loss plan, The Greek Diet is a path back to health and a way of eating that is sustainable, satisfying, and enjoyable. Once you learn how good it tastes (and feels) eating Greek, you'll never want or need another diet again!